Monday, April 6, 2009

A "Week in DC" with Nicole Bock a.ka. DJ Neekola

Fresh. A word easily describing phenom DJ, Nicole Bock, a.k.a. DJ Neekola. Hot off the press as she relaxes on the beaches of Argentina Nikki presents you, the readers, with a fresh look into her “Week in D.C.”

Monday: Everybody needs a day off, right? It's very rare you catch me out on a Monday. With all the socializing, networking, and working there is to do during the week, Monday is my one day I must have to myself for R and R. Maybe I'll grab a bite at Jordan 8 to relax, then head home and get some work done in the studio.

Tuesday: Time to get my hair done with Loretta from PR partners in Manassas! Yes I drive all the way out there, because she is FABULOUS! Then its time to shop for the week of fun events ahead with Aidah's new collection for the summer by far my favorite DC designer! Then I'd head out the Dekka on U Street, Luciana's Yosoy line has some really hot clubwear for my week ahead, not to mention some of DC's finest art on display as you shop - and then finally I'll hit Profile for some hot hand picked clothing from around the world that no one else will be wearing but me in DC!

Weds: Wednesday night I like to venture outside the city a bit first to Bridges in Fairfax - this little underground party held by Give Productions has always had a special place in my heart. This was actually the very first place I was offered a gig in DC upon moving here by these great guys, (Peter Lantern aka DJ Lantern, and Ramiro Gill, aka DJ Ramiro). This party is called Transit - it gives lots of DJ's starting out a chance to play for a lot of people well oiled in DC's scene in a relaxed environment, giving them an opportunity to network, and show what they've got! Then I'd head out afterwards to Yaku in Arlington to hear the one and only DJ Boris Gluck on the decks.

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Thurs: Whenever I'm in town I'm sure to head straight to Aloft Hotel in Dulles to DJ their HOT after work happy hours at XYZ bar! Then I would head out to Fly with the crew from Liton Events, especially since one of my most favorite bar managers in the world works there, Piero :o) However March 23rd, which is the first Thursday I'm back in the states the month of March I'll be DJing a special benefit at the Willard, hosted by Miss K Street Kate, Ricardo Reinoso, and Tim Kenney from Kayaz Kollectiv!

Friday: There's so much to do on Friday! Now that the weather is getting nicer - you can catch me out at the waterfront grabbing a bite to eat at Sequoia, and then later grabbing a drink at Tony and Joe's, and later hopping on a boat or two for some pre-gaming before hitting the town. Then afterwards, I'd stop by L2 to hear the very lovely and talented DJ Heather Femia at L2 rock the decks with her hand picked groovy deep house tunes from around the world. I love L2 and the ambiance she creates there on Fridays with her music. I'd probably stay there all night if I could, but being the barhopper I was born to be - I'd next hop to hang with the guys from District Ignition at Snatch. These guys are the real deal with a loyal following. Their parties are ALWAYS hoppin, and they always bring in some of my most favorite local DJ/Producers such as Dave Cortex (Sweet Cherry Music), and Royce Haven (Witty Tunes).

Saturday: Saturdays, this is a hard one, as I switch up my Saturdays quite a bit, as there is so much going on in the city on weekends. However, one can never go wrong by following DJ Adrian Loving (if you don't know him personally, just check one of DC's magazines, he's written up everywhere!!) - either by visiting his art gallery at Dissident Display, Marvin to hear him groove out on the decks, or the Warehouse for private events! Also on Saturdays, another one of my favorite, most talented DJ friends takes over K Street with his banging house tracks, mixed with commercial favorites, DJ Ed the Bruce!

Sunday: In the afternoon, I'll be meeting with Dee Sampson of Regroup DC, soon to be DC's hottest PR companies, so be on the lookout for her! Then for dinner, you can catch me bringing my friends to check out Josh Norris, (DC's best public art, aka best magician for a dinner show/performance. (I'm a big fan!) He performs every Sunday at Kemble Park Tavern in Washington DC. I've seen him perform a ton, but he never ceases to amaze me with his never ending supply of magic tricks.

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