Wednesday, June 17, 2009

FINAL REMINDER Tubing on the Shenandoah River THIS SATURDAY

It's back kiddies. Tubing on the river with ON TAP Magazine! This event will sell out so you need to buy your tickets in a timely fashion.

Here are the trip details. Please RSVP if you plan to really attend HERE. And you must buy your ticket which is $55 HERE. The discount code is FLOYD which is $5 off or so your ticket is $49.

Bring your own wine, beer, mini kegs, sippie cups full of alcohol and the likes. I commit to bringing two mini kegs and two bottles of wine. Also, everyone brings their own lunch and snacks.

Here is the skinny.....................Four hours of floating down the Shenandoah River, hanging with friends and enjoying the scenery passing by.

The $49 trip includes round trip transportation (Departing at 9 a.m. from Front Page), your tube, cooler tubes, and water on board the bus.

You start drinking as soon as you get in the bus at 9 a.m. (sans Veronica with her camel back full of alcohol and gatorade seen in the picture above).

I have emailed On Tap to secure us a discount code so don't buy tickets for few days and I will email everyone with the discount code which is usually $5 off or so if you RSVP on

Saturday, June 20th
10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Tickets are $49 and MUST BE BOUGHT IN ADVANCE
Departure Location: all tubing trips depart from the Front Page in Washington, D.C.

Please note, no tickets will be sent to you. You will receive a confirmation email with your ticket purchase and a trip detail reminder will be sent to you as well.

Prost! See you on the river! Jade

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