Friday, April 24, 2009

This Saturday Flashpoint Gallery presents the works of Trevor Young and there is a little flight crew surprise for everyone

Painting by Trevor Young

This past weekend I had the pleasure of checking out Trevor Young's newest works at his studio in downtown Silver Spring. This Saturday, Flashpoint welcomes him for an exhibit, Non-Places.

In his words, "In my paintings, the room represents a mental space, and with every blank canvas, I am moving into a new room. I have to choose potent symbolic elements to “decorate” these areas and convey a narrative. I have incomplete visions that can only be clarified through a process of shifting, adding, and taking away. I fumble awkwardly through dusty boxes of thoughts and emotions, mislabeled and stacked haphazardly, grasping stubbornly for the right language to tell my story. Through this process, a painting becomes a pastiche of historical embellishments, psychological metaphors, and emblems of transience."

Join us Saturday night for an opening reception from 6 to 8 p.m. at Flashpoint Gallery.

Young returns to Flashpoint with Non-Places, curated by Annie Adjchavanich. The exhibition will feature 100 paintings of non-places — generic spaces, such as freeways, hotel rooms, airports and supermarkets, which are familiar and safe, but often make us feel like we do not belong.

So what is the flightcrew surprise? Well you'll have to be there in person to see it for yourself. Let's just say Trevor has asked some of his good friends to take part in dressup and you won't be disappointed with my or the rest of the crews outfits.

916 G Street. NW
Washington, DC
Across the street from Chinatown Metro

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