Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Alma Mater surpassed the $500 million goal!

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I received my Masters in Applied Politics a few years back from the University of Akron in Ohio. I just learned recently that University of Akron President Luis M. Proenza announced the University’s Aspire. Attain. Advance. comprehensive campaign surpassed the $500 million goal announced publicly in 2007.

Dr. Proenza said that the unprecedented campaign will continue, with challenging economic times making it even more important to enhance donor opportunities to help UA serve its students and community well.

He told about 250 major donors at an event at the University’s E.J. Thomas Performing Arts Hall that, to-date, the University has raised more than $606 million during its comprehensive campaign — well over the $500 million original goal and far ahead of the anticipated 2012 goal date. The success of the current campaign places it among the top campaigns ever for a public university in Ohio.

So congrats to Dr. Proenza and the staff at U of A!
UA's Aspire. Attain. Advance. comprehensive campaign has raised $606 million to date. Learn about the campaign and its beneficiaries. Pledge to the campaign.

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