Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"A Week in DC" with Jamie Hess

DC is saturated with people who think they are in the know, but ask them to run down their average week in DC or a list of their favorite spots and you’ll often hear regurgitated some rather boring places they have been to once or most likely never at all.

So that go me thinking, if asked the question, “What is your average week in DC?” What would my friends say? Where do they go? What are their favorite places to hang? And so it begins…………. “A Week in DC” where I’ve recruited ten of my friends and colleagues and ask them to give you readers a peek into their week.

I’ve decided to start with the power promoter and event planner Jamie Hess. Not only because he is some serious eye-candy, or because I just happen to be hosting a party this Friday with him at Fly Lounge, but because today is his birthday so I’ve gifted him the prime time launch of “A Week in DC”. Take it away Jamie…………………….

Monday: My chill night of the week. Sushi Heaven @ Sticky Rice! There is almost no better sound then when bartender extraordinaire, Casey Dalton, bangs on the gong behind the bar! I usually try and get there around 10:30 when the half-price sushi begins! The flavored sake’s are amazing as are the Godzirra and the Drawn-N-Buttered, which are crab rolls dipped in garlic butter!


Tuesday: For now it’s as easy as stopping by to see my favorite bartenders Amy or Chris at Mie-n-Yu for a quick bottle (err…I mean glass) of amazing sake before heading over to Rugby Café’ for the “Tuesday Boozeday” Party. The party at Rugby includes live acoustic music, dinner specials, no cover, no list and the best drinks specials in DC. $4 Shots, $5 Rail Drinks, $7 RBV’s and $8 Champagne or Grey Goose Cocktails. The crowd is a mix of prepsters, hipsters, young suit types, and barely out of college kids. It’s definitely a great way to jump-start the week. It starts about 8 or 9 pm. I can’t wait until the weather breaks when pre-game for “Tuesday Boozeday” starts down at the Georgetown Waterfront.

Wednesday: Head over to Marvin on U Street for a Stella Artois and a plate of chicken and waffles! I’m not sure if there is a better combination in DC! If Marvin were a bit busy option two would be the rooftop glass enclosed patio at Tabaq for some of the best sangria and tapas in the city. Then next on the agenda would be a stop over to the always packed, seating room only, Gibson. If it’s packed head straight to Saint Ex which once a month has a “Rock Your Own Ipod” Party! Other options if you really want to ramp it up are to head to the newly opened Policy and or the dance parties at Saki in Adams Morgan or Café Citron in Dupont Circle.

Thursday: I usually like to meet a group of friends for a long dinner at Bistro Du Coin on Connecticut Avenue. Nothing like three hours of steak frites, mussels, and many, many bottles of cheap French red wine. Then we head over to Josephine and Lima if were in the mood.

Friday: I hate it when other promoters claim they have the hottest party in DC on whatever particular night it is. Good thing I don’t hate myself and have no problem plugging my own party! About three months ago myself and my three close friends Ezra Quassim, Patrick Osuna along with Chuck Koch a.k.a. DJ Dirty Handz took over FLY Lounge and have been throwing our own party every week. Overnight the formula of just inviting our friends or friends of friends, the place has been packed with right crowd, the right music, and the right vibe. There is no “pay the cover” and get in. You have to know one of the four of us to be invited. To get in add me Jamie Hess on Facebook or shoot me an email through my website www.jamiehess.com where you can see pictures from previous parties.


Saturday: Typically after my usually active Saturday afternoons I’m for some reason craving a little gourmet junk food. Which is where Matchbox fits in perfectly. Some amazing sliders and a Prosciutto and Mozzarella Pizza is a great way to start the night. Followed by dessert at Co.Co. Sala. Either the coco-jito (chocolate mojito) or a sample of a few things including the milk chocolate mousse. Then it’s off to my new re-discovered spot Eyebar Lounge. If you really enjoyed PLAY Lounge back when it was open you will love Saturdays at Eyebar. It’s a lot of the same Arlington/Bethesda good looking crowd along with many of the old bartenders and of course music by one of my favorites, DJ Phlipz. It’s one of the most relaxed “clubbing” experiences currently being offered.
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Sunday: Isn’t this supposed to be the day of rest? In some circles maybe – but not mine! Depending on the season it’s either brunch at Café Laruche, or Leopold’s, followed by pool parties at my place (Summer) then later in the day rooftops at the Beacon Hotel for “The Coolout” Party. In the winter it’s football watching at McFadden’s…or your house. I’ll bring the beer!

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Brooke said...

From one dc born event planner to another... Nice job! Tampa Bay needs a Jamie sighting!