Thursday, March 26, 2009

Peep Policy while DC This Week is on HOLD

POLICY, the latest addition to the DC nightlife and restaurant scene digs are pretty sweet I must admit and it’s location on 14th and T right across the street from the beloved Café. St. Ex. make it easily accessible for the U Street crowd.

But it seems that they’ve gone beyond recruiting the hipsters and regulars that venture to U Street. On opening night I saw lots of colleagues that I would never expect to show up on “this side” of town.

I guess my only beef was that it got a bit crowded and there was serious suffocation going on to the point where my friends and I had to huddle in a corner to avoid me being touched by any more people. Perhaps I was just a bit moody that night. But as any soft opening crowds and often crowds without good breeding or manners can be expected so I wont hold it against Policy.

Policy’s “truth, love and liberty" theme offers guests a hip and inviting atmosphere and with NO table minimums it’s a great spot to gather the posse and sit down without the ridiculous pretentiousness that comes with most people who are dropping $500 on a table.

Teaming up with Executive Chef, Brian Murphy (formerly at L’Auberge Chez Francois and Palenta) owner Omar Miskinyar’s brings his vision of an intimate, modern venue to life with a menu that offers simple, seasonal food done right – food made with the freshest, finest quality local ingredients.

Dishes ranging from “Madras Curry Lamb Slider” made with Gorgonzola and mint pesto to “Lobster and Brie Chili Relleno” with smoked tomato salsa capture Chef Murphy’s philosophy in purity of ingredients and simplicity of technique.

Peep them HERE and stop in for the grand opening Friday night with DJ Stereo Faith on the turntables. Get on the guest list by emailing

March 27th

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