Wednesday, March 18, 2009

One of my Dope Aspen Finds: Sherry Nikka Couture Leather Jacket

In the recent months I've learned a lot about vintage and consignment shopping. Mostly from Asma and Tiffany who both have amazing wardrobes. There are hordes of clothes in consignment, thrift and vintage stores across the world just waiting to be scooped up by some lucky guy or gal.

On our trip to Aspen last week we stopped in a consignment store called Susie's Limited (623 E Hopkins Ave Aspen, CO 81611, phone 970- 920-2376). Before I even set foot in the store I saw this amazing leather and what seemed like calf skin jacket outside on a rack and I snatched it not even knowing the size. Right then the store owner came around the corner and said to another lady, "Oh this would be perfect for you." And I politely told her and the patron I would be happy to give it to her if it didn't fit me. To be quite honest, they were kind of rude. Nevertheless, you snooze you loose.

Five minutes later I was trying on this AMAZING jacket and fell in love. But it gets better....................the jacket was $100, which I was completely willing to pay. It was only after I got back to DC and looked at the price tag did I see the ORIGINAL tag was STILL ON ITfor a whopping $1,360. Yes, that's right $1,360. I almost fell out.

I did a bit of research on the designer Sherry Nikka and found various websites that listed her jackets around $1,000 to $2,000 a pop. Nevertheless, as Rachel Zoe says, "I die." And yes, I almost did when I realized what a stellar purchase I had come across in Aspen. And it only continues to get better. I'm sure I will rock this out to Dakota's bash on Thursday and a few parties that night. In fact, I love this jacket so much don't be alarmed if I wear it again on Friday to the endless parties that night. Stay tuned. I'll update you guys on a few other hot finds later this week. I dedicate this find to Ms. Goodyear and Ms. Ahmed, my consignment conspirators. Prost. Jade

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