Friday, March 6, 2009

Let the Weekend Begin. DC THIS WEEK is on Hi-zold...................
The weekend has begun. Tonight we are perhaps heading out to Hillyer for La Vida Intensa then to Toast(ed) for Alicia's housewarming party with the posse. Then wherever the late night sessions take us. Hmmmmmm perhaps Marquis @ Red Lounge.

Saturday will be spent sleeping in and later that day attending the performance of the Capitol Movement Project and late night turntable sessions with Designer Drugs and DJ Will Eastman at 9:30 Club Back Bar.

Also in the mix that night are Steve Aoki, Nadastrom and DJ Gavin Holland @ Ibiza. Dueling DJ sessions.............oh where shall I go?

DC This Week is on HOLD. And will continue to be on hold late next week as the girlzzzzzzzzz and I head off to Aspen for 5 days of debauchery and fun. We've already got dinner reservations wrapped up, club and bar hopping secured via my bud who lives there and some serious snowboarding and skiing sessions planned for the week. I couldn't be a happier camper. And my snowboard is so sad and lonely as it awaits my arrival next week.

The weekend after that my nephew (at the budding age of 17) is COMING TO DC for the first time and staying with me for 4 days. Watch out DC. And what a good influence I am taking him to MIAMI HORROR at the 9:30 Club. But let's keep that on the low, my brother might go nuts.

Prost everyone!

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