Monday, March 23, 2009

DC Charity Spotlight: Put your money where your mouth is.........

So I’m a little disappointed. Last week DC This Week held a poll on “If you had $250,000 to spend and 3 weeks to do it............what would you do?” This poll stemmed from my trip to Aspen where the going rate for 3 weeks in a dope pad at the St. Regis or the Hyatt goes for about $250,000. Or if you’re in the mood to buy, why not 400 square feet for $550,000 in the ski town?

So lies the question, if someone plopped $250,000 in your lap and you had 3 weeks to spend it what would you do? My vote was pay off debt, because I would have a ton left over to go on vacation and perhaps throw in a few thousand towards that condo I’ve been eyeing.

  • 25 percent of you guys said you would actually rent a place for a few weeks somewhere in the world and vacation.
  • 12 percent said you would pay off debt. Well done people!
  • 32 percent would make investments, but........
  • Only one percent of you said you would give to charities. And here lies my disappointment.

I make a concerted effort to donate money every year to charities I truly care about and I volunteer frequently for those too. Most revolve around children and the arts, but everyone has an issue that is close to them and EVERYONE should donate either their time or money to a charity.

So here is my challenge to you, take that $50 you were going to spend tonight on dinner, or happy hour or a shopping purchase and donate it to a charity this week. Then come back and take my new poll up top. Or better yet, shoot me an email at and tell me about the charity you donated to and why and perhaps I will feature them in the DC Charity Spotlight this week. Prost. Jade

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