Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A DC Cigar Bar? Tell me your thoughts


I love cigars. The aroma. The taste. The men. The conversation. My dad has smoked cigars for more than 40 years and the smell reminds me of him. DC has a few good cigar stores across the district. I personally stop into J.R. Cigars to pick out a few for my dad every once in a while, but word on the street has it that a cigar bar just may be opening up in the District. So here are my questions to you because the potential owners need some feedback from you DCers (Please leave a comment in the comment box).

1. Does smoking bother you when you are eating outdoors?

2. If a restaurant had a cigar & cognac special, moderately priced, would you take advantage of it? Or if you are a non-smoker, would your cigar loving friends?

3. If a restaurant had a designated after dinner smoking area, separate of other outdoor eating areas, would you take advantage of it? Especially per a cigar & cognac special?


The Glass House said...

Here are my comments as a non-smoker, non-drinker:

1. Smoking is tolerable outdoors as long as everyone around me isn't smoking. Cigars are always more tolerable than cigarettes because they're are more aromatic. I actually want to try a good cigar for that reason.

2. I think a cigar/cognac special is an awesome idea because it would encourage patrons to engage in more after-dinner drinking or even just to lounge around and chat without having dinner first. There are lots of people (a surprising number of women actually which I think is kinda hot) who like to smoke cigars.

3. Yes (see #2)

Norman J. Cannon said...

1. Smoking in a non-smoking place bothers me... smoke blwoing over the screen from the smoking section to the non-smoking section bothers me... but smoking in a smoking establishment bothers me zero... if it bothers me I can leave. Smoking outside shouldn't bother anyone... again, you can move... I soooooo hope a Cigar Bar happens in DC!!!!

2. Probably not as I am not a Cognac type... but if it was more generic, cigar and liquor special (my favorite is cigar and Drambouie), then I'd totally go for it.

3. Possibly... depends on who I'm with and whether or not there are other cigar smokers in the group.