Wednesday, February 11, 2009

ARTINI announces their Mixologists & their inspiration


Throughout the month of March, 12 of the city's best mixologists will compete to create the most artistic martini, inspired by the work of students attending the Corcoran College of Art + Design. Visit the participating restaurants, sample the "artinis", and vote online for your favorite at

Jon Arroyo
Founding Farmers
Meet Paola after a Month
by Paolo Martinez-Calderon

Mia Baila
The Bar at St. Regis
Urban Tragedy
by Yordan Silvera

Souheil Chaouachi
Teatro Goldoni
Trace No. 5
by William Knipscher

Gina Cherservani
PS7 Restaurant
The Impervious Heart
by Carrie Greenwood

Chris Cunningham
by Sarah Rasmussen

Erik Holzherr
Tortoise and the Bare
by Elisabeth Arzt

Chris Kelley
Mie N Yu
by Sarah Robbins

Kevin Rogers
Urbana Restaurant and Wine Bar
Financial Disaster
by John Simpkins-Camp

Jason Strich
Bare Naked Line, Untitled Line #40
by Désirée Herschberger

Owen Thomson
A Rough Start to a Better Future
by C. Gavin Jones

Chantal Tseng
Tabard Inn
by Madeline Marshall

Scott Worsham
Art and Soul
North Dakota
by Caitlin Lennon

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