Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Weekend Recap

Photo by Patrick Ryan. (Rachel Cothran, her girlfriend, Indrid Elmore, me and Shanon Pivorinus at his party)

So to be quite honest, a picture and video are worth a thousand words so there isn’t a need to give a lengthy recap of the rest of the weekend. But I can sum it up with a list. And of course, if you partied with me this weekend you surely know how crazy it was:

  • Candles catching all kinds of things on fire at house parties. Do you really need like 100 candles lit in your house?
  • Endless champagne
  • The most wonderful spread at Zaytinya
  • Missing the fuzz @ Warehouse
  • Mojito’s @ Mate
  • Silent grub @ 1905
  • Loosing my hearing at Ora’s and then the next day at 9:30 Club
  • Not understanding a word Adele said the entire concert
  • Stryk’s leather pants @ MOBY concert and loosing power
  • Waking up with base still booming in my ears, but my house was completely silent
  • Skipping parties we bought tickets to. Opps. What a waste. But you gotta prioritize.
  • Getting a wake up nudge at 7:30 a.m. with “Jade, can you take us to the Inauguration, we wanna go?” and me replying “Are you nuts?”
  • Deboarding our train at Rhode Island with me thinking “We got kicked-off in the hood.”
  • Church vans saving the day and driving us to Union Station only for me to say “Walk that way” to my buds and jumping in a car to get the hell away from the Capitol
  • Watching the craziness from Amit’s roof on 14th and K.
  • Watching the parade from the warmth of his office while Kristen and Konavis refused to come up. You kids were nuts.
  • Tony not wearing a jacket and replying “It’s North Face, it’s warm”
  • Yummy shrimp with their eyes still attached @ Jaleo
  • Pre-gaming all weekend
  • Hot pink tights and rabbit lined hats
  • Wonderball. Enough said.
  • Christina a.k.a. hop-along making the trek into DC and refusing to use her cructches. I believe her exact words were “I’m having surgery in 2 weeks so it doesn’t matter if I screw my knee up more.” Realllllllll smart
  • “Is Jade ok?” “Oh yeah she’s fine” (As they look over and get an eyeful) “Are you sure” “Ok well maybe not”
  • 3 hours of sleep and counting yet still making it to work on time on Wednesday.

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