Monday, January 5, 2009

So what brought you to DC This Week in 2008?
After a bit of investigative work on DC This Week's Google Analytics page i've posted below is the top 10 List of Keyword's that brought you to the site in 2008. Though I only started using Google Analytics about six months ago, it can turn out to be very informational and addicting.

1. Shadow Room (with more than 4,000 visitors)
2. The Rookery (with more than 800 visitors)
3. Lyndsay Rinard
4. The Coolout
5. Josephine Lounge
6. Co. Co. Sala
7. Sam the Man Burns
8. Layla Lounge
10. And the number one referring site: Greg's List in my Everyday Reads (with more than 600 visitors).

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