Sunday, January 11, 2009

Let the madness begin with the weekend recap

2009 started off with a whirlwind of events. And this weekend was no different. Friday night the posse headed over to Flashpoint for the opening of Cory Oberndorfer's Flavor of the Month. That was only after we had a little pre-game wine and pizza session and had the chance to peep one of the recently finished works to be shown at the Artefacto "secret" show during Inauguration weekend. By whom............well that's a secret. In one word.............secretive.

Flashpoint was packed and as always The Pinkline Project threw another great bash. And my kudos to the brainchild who had Blowpops on hand. And my kudos to myself for coming up with the idea to dipping the Blowpops into my wine. Next up we circled around the corner to one of my favorite spots in the District, Co. Co. Sala. The lounge was bustin' at the seems not a table in sight without reservations, but a little Co. Co. angel ensured there was no waiting for my friends and I and wisked us to a table (thank you Souheil). After having a bottle of malbec we concluded the night with another wine session at Stryck's (have I told you your pad is amazing) and headed home (or to respective beds).

Saturday oh Saturday I did a bit of thrifting and got some great books. Every DCer needs a good book for that metro ride. So on my list for this month are "The God of Small Things" by Arundhati Roy, "Complications" by Atul Gawande and "The Glass House" by Jeannette Walls, which I've read before and intend for that to be a gift for a girlfriend.

On to the night were we headed to 9:30 Club for the opening set of TheoryCast with a serious hottie on the drums and headed out early thus missed The Speaks (sometimes you have to prioritize your night, thus miss great bands). Having to make it to Napoleon before the crowd got out of control for Anna Croll's (pictured above) MASSIVE birthday bash...............the night began. A couple of glasses of champagne later I was as usual, dancing on couches, and the party was DOPE as hell and the basement of Napoleon a.k.a. Metropolitan was pi-zacked. Dakota Fine (and yes, he is fine) was the photog for the night. Anna, you always throw the hottest parties in the District and you looked amazing last night. I should recruit you for my 27th birthday bash next month.

Thus, today was spent visiting Craez a.k.a. hop-along who after ruining her knee during a ski trip last week was hit by a car while walking on her cruches in the parking lot in front of the Drs. office. Yes, I said it, hit by a car in front of the Drs. Now with a fractured elbow, hop-a-long is all bedded up and you guys will not be seeing her for about a month. Oh, and did I mention her wallet was stolen. The girl is bad luck. Nevertheless, I still love you Craez.

So you might notice, DC This Week has a new logo. You likey? Let me know, I thought we needed to freshen things up. So that was the weekend in a recap. And here I sit after an afternoon spent volunteering with the kiddies at CREATE I am mellow and chillaxing. Can you believe it - next weekend the most historic event we've quite possibly ever seen will take place right here in the District and you all will be privy to the madness. Get ready DC.

Prost, Jade Floyd

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