Monday, January 5, 2009

DC Charity Spotlight: Trips for Kids Metro DC

$100: food for 1 ride event for an entire group;
$500: 1 new bicycle, helmet, water bottle, t-shirt and food for up to 3 mentoring experiences;
$20,000 reliable transportation for years to come

Trips for Kids uses mountain biking to introduce inner-city youngsters ages 8 to 18 – many of whom have never left the city - to the natural world and to the life lessons that it can teach. Supplied with donated bikes, helmets, water, and nutritious snacks, they head off to parks and nature preserves in DC, Maryland, and Virginia. Volunteer mentors lead the challenging (but safe) rides, stopping to discuss with the kids the environment’s impact on their lives and community, smart nutrition (child obesity is an alarming problem both nationally and locally, with rates soaring in the last four decades), the importance of exercise, and the satisfaction that comes from facing and overcoming personal challenges. TFK also offers a bicycle rodeo that simulates riding in traffic (this promotes safe riding on city streets), trail sessions, and overnight camping/environmental awareness trips. TFK has created over 2,500 mentoring opportunities with over 1,500 at-risk youth. It starts with a bike, and it ends with a sense of confidence about overcoming life’s obstacles. Come join the ride!

Julie Childers,
Executive Director

6109 Fox Hill Street
Springfield, VA 22150

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