Thursday, January 22, 2009

DC Charity Spotlight: Metropolitan Center for the Visual Arts

$100: a 6-week session of VisArts after-school art programs for 3 low-income children;
$500: a 2-week summer visual arts program for 1 low-income child;
$1000: 1 year of art supplies for the outreach programs

Imagine a destination that celebrates the visual, excites lovers of art, invites novices, challenges artists, and educates youth and adults in an environment focused on excellence and creativity. Metropolitan Center for the Visual Arts - or VisArts - is that destination for residents, children and adults, and artists of the City of Rockville, Montgomery County, and Metropolitan Washington. Four galleries, including a children's discovery gallery, feature regional, national, and international exhibitions. The artist-in-residence program provides professional and emerging artists with the affordable facilities they need to create, exhibit, and sell works of art. The education program features year-round classes, workshops, and lectures (at no cost for those who cannot pay), and outreach programs for at-risk children and teens, individuals with disabilities, and (at Children's Hospital) for the critically ill. Programs for moderate- to low-income seniors give them a chance to explore the world of the visual arts, and many are or have become fine artists in their own right. VisArts knows that art is what makes us human. Your support affirms our common humanity.

Debra Moser,
Executive Director

155 Gibbs Street, Suite 300
Rockville, MD 20850

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