Monday, January 26, 2009

BMW's for the entire table please

I had a very odd experience the other day at a formal dinner where the person to my right had no idea which set of silverware to partake when. Poor thing obviously didn't have etiquette classes as child. Nonetheless, I thought I might brush you all up on a bit of proper table setting placements.

And if you can't get it down just remember BMW - bread to your left, meal in the center and wine to your right. And lastly, work your way from the outside in for silverware.

And a few other rules to follow:
  • Do not season your food before you have tasted it - it's rude.
  • Do not slurp soup from a spoon - it screams you come from bad breeding. Spoon the soup away from you when you take it out of the bowl and sip it from the side of the spoon. If your soup is too hot to eat do not blow on it - be patient, it will cool.
  • Eat rolls or bread by tearing off small bite size pieces and buttering only the piece you are ready to eat. When ready for another piece, repeat the same process.
  • If a piece of your silverware falls onto the floor, do not reach for it. The server will notice the loud CLING usually and proceed to bring you another. If not, ask for a replacement.

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The Glass House said...

As the product of a conservative liberal upbringing and having a been a server in another time in life, I thank you for this post