Monday, December 15, 2008

O' where shall we dine for Inauguration Week?

In anticipation of four of my best girlfriends from college coming to stay with me in DC for inauguration I've already begun the planning. What parties will we attend, which airports are they coming into, what streets must I avoid, where will I park (ummm Tony your garage is calling my name)? And the biggest....................where are we going to eat? to the rescue, but for the LOVE of all things HOLY ALL of the BEST restaurants are for the most part booked. Never fear, I still scored dinner and brunch Friday through Monday at Zaytinya, Belga Cafe, 1905, the Heights, Marrakesh and MIO for the girls and I. And these all suit me just fine as they are some of my favorites. So I encourage you kiddies, get to booking online or you and your posse are eating at COSI all week. Prost! Jade

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