Tuesday, December 23, 2008

DC This Week is on hold until 2009 kiddies and I leave you with the song of the year from DAFT PUNK. This is where you CLICK play

DC This Week is on hold until after the New Year, but there are endless parties to partake (see below) for the big night. I recommend The Space, Rock-and-Roll Hotel, DC9 or Josephine. All hotspots in the District that are perfect for you if your preppy, hipster or a complete snob.

2008 was a phenomenal year for me and I’ve been truly blessed with the most amazing family, friends, job and life in general. Just scrolling through the posts from this past year I’ve realized how many amazing events, benefits, vacations, parties and restaurants I’ve attended this year. DC is an oasis and a never ending trip that I’m happy to vacation on for many years to come.

So to say “peace out” to 2008 and “what’s up homeslice” to 2009 I leave you with the best of 2008 in words. For all of my peeps who know me well all of these have meaning to each of you. But the real recap are the endless post and pictures on DC This Week. And if I had to leave you with one picture that sums up the entire year for me it would be the one above (the night of Power Players at the Corcoran. One of the best nights in the city with As and the afterparty @ Blackcat and Napoleon). So prost, and have a kick-ass holiday with your family and friends. Jade

2008 in words……………………….

  • West Palm Beach (with the posse)
  • Backpacking in Italy (One of the best trips)
  • Publicity (Don’t you want it?)
  • BLISSPOPin’ (Will you are amazing)
  • Downing Magnum’s in Dewey (Feazel)
  • Speed Dial - Craez, T-bone, Triple AAA, Azzzz, Vero, VIP and Goodyear
  • Hot firemen in training (Leo)
  • People with good breeding write personal cards
  • Bad influences (Who’s really the bad influence?)
  • Unlimited text messaging (is this a mass text?)
  • Nero d’ Avola and Malbecs (Addictions)
  • Cleaning my wounds in Dewey with dishsoap (Dirty mouth Vero?)
  • Getting’ frisky on the River with mini-kegs of Heineken
  • Yachting on the Potomac (Thank you Al!)
  • Endless grandopenings!
  • Daft Punk (your offices isn't a club Jade)
  • Whoo yeah Whoo (yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh)
  • Obama’s Baby Mama
  • The Coolout (Bear and Austin, you made our summer)
  • Risotto
  • DC’s Hottest DJ’s (Will, Gavin, Neekola)
  • Compulsive LIARS
  • He's on my list
  • Hello daughter
  • How the hell do you know owners everywhere you go? Do they pay you to bring them customers?
  • opentable.com points (clutch)
  • Byron Lars (the collection has begun)
  • I come from excellent slave stock and phenomenal breeding
  • Dude, we're not dating. I don't even really like you.
  • Peace out homes, homeslice, word, clutch, yo yo yo yo baby yo
  • The Bravery
  • Missing sleep in my own bed and wearing other people’s clothes all day. Or half ass outfits that make no sense (day trippin' baby).
  • Wearing all black and grey everyday or outrageous patterns
  • Dancing on couches until the weeeeeeeeeeeeee hours of the a.m.
  • Azzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  • The Faint
  • Thrift shopping it
  • House guests that never leave
  • LOUNGE MIXES by Garcia
  • Matching your underwear with your outfit (and getting photographed doing it)
  • Rooftop obsessions
  • All BMW’s look alike (even yours Garcia)
  • 1905 (just plop me down in front of the trunk)
  • Something is wrong with your brain
  • Jon Hart bags (that's all you packed?)
  • Sneaky Sound System
  • 1920’s flapper girls are hot
  • Member’s Hill (nothing like tailgaiting on your Bentley)
  • Preakness (all class with your wine glass in the mosh pit, did ya'll come from the stands)
  • Locanda
  • Crossing U Street with Az in B&W. Iconic photo.
  • Co Co Sala peanut butter co. co. (like crack)
  • Brunchin' it
  • I'm so over it (2008 that is and YOU!)

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