Friday, December 12, 2008

DC This Week is on hold. So what do I do? Leave you with a photo recap of the past few weeks. See everyone tonight @ Tee @ Tiffany's and Dissident.

Michi and I at ESL for Elvis' birthday bash last night.

Asma and Tiffany at ESL last night for Elvis' birthday bash. WELCOME BACK AZZZZZ!

Elvis and I at Urbana for his birthday this week.

Tiffany, Rachel and I at MIO for Repeal Day

Austin, John and I at APERTURE

Ayo, Tiffany, Melvin and I at Marvin's for her birthday bash.

Alicia and I at Tangy Sweet for APERTURE

Melissa, Anna and I at that underground skate park place I forget the name of.

Marquis and I at ART BUZZ.

Christina and Tiffany at Marvin's.

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