Monday, November 23, 2009

DC Design Inspirations

After dinning both Friday and Saturday at Founding Farmers I needed to walk off all that good grub.

This past weekend I drug Shira across the city to help her begin decorating for her new pad. We stopped by
Rckndy, Reincarnations Furnishings, VASTU, Muleh, And Beige, a few thrift furniture shops on 14th and West Elm. After a full afternoon of shopping I unintentionally ended up with this amazing retro tiled coffee table from Goodwood at U and 15th. I almost jumped on top of it when I saw it sitting in the back of the store all by its lonesome tucked away. I drastically needed a new coffee table and this 5 foot long kidney shaped table is perfect for my pad and the space.

We spent day two out in Rockville and headed to Thomasville (which is where my entire bedroom set hails from), World Market, Homegoods, Pier 1 and a few other stores like TJ Maxx, which was perfect for new towels and outfitting her bathroom. It's a lot of fun when you shop for other people to help them decorate their homes. And we snapped pictures of everything she liked so she can capture design inspiration and remember what items she may consider for future purchases.

I've mixed a lot of different styles in my pad from a traditional oversized bedroom set with funky patterned pillows, a stained glass lamp and lots of wood accessories, to a very contemporary white sitting chair with an old-school retro tiled coffee table and Asian side tables.

Don't be afraid to mix and match, try a new color or an outrageous pattern. And look for design inspiration in your surroundings. I love the tree coat hangers at
Founding Farmers and I'm on the look out for a similar one in red. Keep your eyes open, your camera ready and your check card in hand, you never know when design may hit you in the face.

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